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Products & Solution

Cloud Computing


Cloud computing, closely tied to virtualization and mobile computing, and includes products and services to a global audience at a fraction of the cost of current offerings. Cloud computing also protects online ventures with an “always on” philosophy, thus entire business infrastructures will migrate to the cloud during this new decade, making every company a globally accessible one.

Cloud computing commonly known to have 3 distinctive categories which is Software as a Service, Platform as a Service and Infrastructure as a Service.

For businesses looking at improvement in performance and reducing cost, cloud computing is an ideal solution to deliver on-demand computing resources.

Malifax offer a wide range of solution and services for cloud computing from major vendors

Enterprise IT Infrastructure & Integration


The role in IT operation changes continuously and has become more business-centric. Having a well-designed IT infrastructure and processes can increase the productivity, operational efficiency and high quality IT services.

Malifax specializes in designing and deploying end to end Enterprise IT Infrastructure ranging from the below to help organization connecting people in today business.

Businesses today need to deploy and support information technology in a global environment and to implement the latest proven technological solutions and practices. Malifax provides professional services to build a secure, stable and reliable network that best suits your needs by employing the latest technologies.

a.       Data Communication & Networking

Cost-efficient networking solutions that allow for practical and efficient use of information technology and management

A robust data network infrastructure enable user to access information efficiently and securely. Malifax provides consultation and integration for internet access, enterprise wireless, private MPLS, secure VPN connection and WAN redundancy/optimization


b.      Security

While imposing security, it is important to make sure business efficiency is achieved at the same time. Security needs to be controlled from both internally and externally, protecting company’s intellectual property and preventing un-necessary liability.


c.       Unified computing and communication

With unified communications, multiple modes of business communications are seamlessly integrated in both real-time and non-real-time delivery of communications, providing a consistent unified user interface and user experience across multiple devices and media types.


d.      Disaster recovery and business continuity process

Disaster recovery and business continuity process is best described as the processes and procedures carried out by an organization to ensure that critical business functions continue to operate during and after a disaster. By having the process in place and design, organization seek to protect their critical services and business continuity to return services to a fully functional level as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Malifax are familiar with both types of plans and able to provide consultation


e.       Virtualization

Virtualization technology will touch every data center in the world. Companies of all sizes will either convert their physical infrastructures to virtual hosts and guests or they’ll move to an entirely hosted virtual infrastructure. As more companies attempt to extend their technology refresh cycle, virtualization’s is the way to go to save on the server consolidation to only a few hardware.


f.        Migration & Upgrading

In a business environment, a company has to cope with the users demand and performance with growing of data which is the lifeblood of the company. Migrating or upgrading application, servers, workstations, appliances can prove to be a daunting task which can lead to loss or damage of data if not properly planned and handled.

Malifax has the expertise of planning, technical know-how and using of necessary tools to ensure that the migration or upgrading are done with a suitable migration process and integrate with the new system.  


g.       Storage

Enterprise data storage has seen explosive growth in demand from users in recent years. The growth is driven by having more sophisticated applications that generate rich and numerous quantities of content data, and an increasingly larger number of users for rich content data.

Enterprise mobility management


The convergence of wireless technology has changed our lifestyle significantly, while BYOD has fast becoming an accepted office culture. Malifax has been the pioneer in working with leading wireless solution provider offering a wide range of secured mobility solutions including EMM (BlackBerry, Good Technology and Airwatch) to cater the needs of “People On-The-Move”. These solutions will enable professional, managers, executives, businessmen to stay in touch anytime, anywhere.

Formed since 2003, Malifax Mobility Team is one of the most experienced and recognized teams in this region to offer implementation services on EMM applications to carriers. The Malifax Mobility Team has been focusing on working with innovators to deliver solutions that suit individual telecommuters needs. Lead by our experienced engineers, Malifax Mobility Team is currently exploring the integration of mobility applications into corporate network to enable users to unleash the full potential of smart devices to achieve anytime-anywhere usage of enterprise applications.


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